Chukku Coffee 100 g

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Chukku coffee 100 g

Chukku Coffee In Chennai

Whenever you get sick, your parents or grandmother would tuck you in your bed and give you a glass of chukku coffee. As soon as you had one, you feel more relaxed, and slowly, your fever disposes. Well, that is the great thing about chukka coffee in Chennai. A great medicinal drink that helps you to kick out cold and fever. 

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Kick Start Your Day

Just inhale the beautiful aroma of the chukku coffee and sip the decoction that touches your soul. You can use chukku coffee as the home remedy for all types of digestive issues. Most of the people in Southern India use it for the common cold, cough, and fever. 

The rich aroma it has helps to remove nasal blockages. Also, it provides a good amount of relief for throat infection and fever. The chukku coffee contents are palm jaggery, dry ginger, pepper, clove, dhania, cardamom, and piped langum. No caffeine is added to the chukku coffee during the production. 

Here all the above ingredients used are sun-dried and grounded to provide you with great flavoring. Do you know chukku coffee removes the extensive amount of toxins from your body? It helps to absorb different minerals from the intestine. 

Usage Of Chukku Coffee 

Commonly used and famous as traditional herbal coffee, chukka coffee in Chennai is made by brewing dry ginger along with coffee. The dry ginger property of the chukku coffee has good digestive properties. During the olden ages, chukku coffee was the best Ayurvedic medicine. 

Our ancestors used it to promote a healthy body, and it had a rich aroma. Even you can consume this drink when you are feeling low. 

Making Chuku Coffee

First, take two cups of water in a vessel. Here you need to add two tablespoons of the chukku coffee powder. Allow it to boil. Then you have to add normal jaggery or palm jaggery as per your taste and mix them. 

After that, you need to strain the prepared chukku coffee using a filter. Make sure to have the drink hot. 

Chukku coffee is a great healthy ingredient. Drink it and see for yourself.

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