Kal chekku Groundnut Oil

Kal chekku Groundnut Oil

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For more than 50 years, kal chekku groundnut oil  was the commonly used oil by various families in South India. The method of producing this oil was simple. The oilseed would be placed in a stone ural and it would be grounded with a pestle.

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Kal Chekku Groundnut Oil 

Nowadays, when you purchase groundnut oil, you get ones that are manufactured by machines and even adulterers. During the times of our grandparents, you would be getting the best quality groundnut oil like kal chekku groundnut oil. 

These so-called cold-pressed groundnut oils are organic and healthier compared to other refined ones. Kal chekku groundnut oil in Chennai is commonly used in cooking and are a part of the South Indian culture for many centuries. 

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Extraction Of Cold-Pressed Groundnut Oil

The unrefined and cold-pressed groundnut oil is extracted using the traditional wooden mill method. Here the oil can be extracted without heating and chemical procedures. This groundnut oil is extracted through a traditional cold-pressed method that is highly nutritious and healthy, with all the required health benefits. 

Benefits Of Kal Chekku Groundnut Oil 

Contains Good Amount Of Antioxidants

Normal oil especially the packed groundnut oil available in the supermarket is subjected to extremely high temperature. Due to this, it would damage the antioxidants present in it. But the cold-pressed groundnut oils are processed at room temperature. So, it is filled with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

Helps in Curing Various Heart Diseases

Kal chekku groundnut oil is free from cholesterol. So, it would be having a huge amount of healthy fat. Also, it contains a high level of HDL, and that can lower the chances of developing heart-related conditions. The presences of plant-related sterols help in heart health. 

Now the phytosterols that are filled in the cold-pressed groundnut oil are easily absorbed by our stomach and gut. This would compete with the cholesterol and lowers its concentration.

Helps in Fighting Cancer

Well, various types of researches regarding the benefits of cold-pressed groundnut oil for cancer is still underway. But few medical researchers claim that it helps in the prevention and recovery. The traditionally extracted groundnut oil has bioactive compounds and unsaturated fats, and these can help in fighting cancer. 

Additionally, multiple links show the relationship of the kal chekku groundnut oil in curing and lowering the risk of colon cancer, prostate breast cancer, phytosterols, and beta-sitosterol. Now, these plant-related compounds are filled with anticancer properties that can reduce the tumor growth and the production of the carcinogen.

No doubt, the kal chekku groundnut is a great oil filled with multiple nutrients. 



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