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Bilona Pure Cow ghee

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Bilona Pure Cow Ghee

The most traditional way to make ghee termed bilona is considered to render the purest and authentic taste along with numerous health benefits. According to this method, ghee is made from curd instead of a direct processed creamy layer from milk. The most important thing to note here is that the only Country cow’s milk is used for this process.

Bilona Pure Cow Ghee In Chennai

Do you know the reason our ancestors recommended using bilona or desi ghee? Not many people are aware that the bilona pure cow ghee is considered the golden medicine in Ayurveda. Some people also call it clarified butter.

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How Is Bilona Pure Cow Ghee In Chennai Made?

The original procedure of making the bilona pure cow ghee involves turning the desi cow’s milk into curd. After that, it is churned into a different butter. Later on, this butter is heated, leading to the formation of the Bilona pure cow ghee.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the bilona pure cow ghee is not made from jersey cows. These are manufactured using the butter of the desi-breed of cows that are commonly found in India. 

Why Is Bilona Pure Cow Ghee Better Than Ordinary Types Of Ghee?

You might come across thousands of details regarding the health benefits of the bilona pure cow ghee. Some of the major ones are – 

● The pure form of the bilona cow ghee helps in easy digestion. Also, it helps to absorb the vitamins. Our liver would process the fatty acids present in the desi bilona ghee faster compared to other ghee. Then it would break it into energy. That helps the body to absorb fat-soluble minerals like D, A, E, K, etc. 

● Bilona pure cow ghee in Chennai leads to better immunity and vitality. Our body’s Ojas (physical energy) leads to better healthy reproductive functions, immunity, and whole-body vitality. 

The best way to create ojas in our body is by consuming ojas filled food items. Among that, Bilona ghee tops the list. It has a huge amount of vitamin A, which removes the free radicals from the body and even boosts immunity. 

Bilona pure cow ghee is the best ingredient that you can use for your food. Just use it instead of the normal ghee that you consume. You would see a great difference immediately.



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