Ancestor’s smart method
Cold Pressed oil

In the old age, they used the bull for operating the Kal Chekku machine. There is a good option for selecting horses for these tasks, but they weren’t used even though the task could be completed faster.

So, do you think they haven’t thought of it? Well, these people were much smarter than most of us. They know that such an oil grinding machine must not be fast, but it has to be efficient.

When the grinding machine goes faster, the rotational speed will make the seed and oil get heated fast, and the nutrients will get dried up and lost. But using the ox or cow, the rotational speed would be very slow and somewhere around 9-12 rounds each minute.

So, the seed and oil won’t get much heated up at this speed, and you end up with healthy oil and nutrients.
As one of the primary Kal Chekku oil suppliers, Paatikadai follow this method and ensure that good quality oil is produced.